Graphic Design
Category 12 Brewing

Variable Data

This new Data Series label pays molecular homage to the soft body, delicate haze, and balanced flavours that comes from Category 12's sciencific wizardry.

Variable data label design


Category 12's founder and chief "Science Guy", Michael Kuzyk is a renaissance man for the modern age, both chemist and artist, Michael wanted to look outside for their next Data Series label design. After creating some preliminary designs I was asked to come in to act as catalyst to bring out a bright bold and commensurately Data-Series design.


The Data Series is known for its STEM-powered graphics and exposed aluminum sheen. Creating something that fit into this alchemical mold of groovy science class poster while complimenting the brilliant metallic linework of the exposed metal below needed a balance similar to that to the flavour chemistry inside the can. The design had to visually explode off the shelf, to fit into the Data Series table of elements.


Working from Michael's initial concepts I began experimenting with classic geometric patterns and concepts that replicated my high-school science notebook, looking to extract something spellbinding. The next phase involved the careful mixing on Pantone chips to find a colour scheme that was unique to this beer, but still complimentary to the design.


The final design is an ultra-violet look through the electron cloud of this great beer, into the core of the ingredients, time and ingenuity that make it special.

Variable Data Hazy IPA sell sheet poster.