Find the right flowers for your floral displays, paint your garden with petals of all colours. Hü matches every bloom with the Pantone color library. Search for blossoms by color, season, and conditions to plan an arrangement for any occasion.


Ensuring correct colour from screen to life requires an accurate and dependable intermediary, and while this exist for print in Pantone, when it comes to designing and translating floral arrangements there is no tool to translate a bloom's colour accurately; furthermore, every blooming plant also requires specific growing conditions and seasons, requiring research and be awareness of available palettes for their specific conditions.


Hü needed to act like a colour bridge for florists, gardeners and designers: to ensure correct bloom to print colour, or to plan an outdoor display to match their vision. Hü had to be as simple and as portable as a Pantone book, yet contain relevant horticultural information for growing but still be accessible to those with little to no gardening experience. If you want to design a wedding invitation with a palette of colours that would be in season on your date, you turn to Hü.


The biggest challenge was breaking down the complex requirements of botanical types to ensure that colours and growing requirements could be found easily, filtered and understood. In addition the whole product had to be as simple as a Pantone colour book.


The original concept was to create cards just like a Pantone swatch book; however, with the range of seasonal types, requirements, and sunlight conditions determining what blooms could be grouped together it would need a set of books to contain each combination, which would be unwieldy and costly. By creating mobile applications all of the information could be neatly filtered and displayed without constraint of a physical card format. It would also provide a better opportunity to expand on the available bloom and colour options as new information became available through software update. As an app the scope was also increased to allow users to save and capture from images or order to fit into planning workflow applications like Pinterest or Evernote.


The final product was Hü. The app provides quick search and information based on the users needs, all separated into screens that can be flipped through like a swatch book: Separated into Colours, Plants, Conditions and Collections. Users can define their conditions, flip through available flowers, and tap to add them to a collection. Each bloom is defined by a card that contains growing and colour information which can be referenced and copied into applications or emails.

An iPhone displaying the Saved Palttes Menu. It shows a pink floral colour palette for Julia's wedding. Beside the phone is Julia's bridal bouquet which has the same colours.