Comfi Mi

Harmony Lamp

The perfect bedside lamp for sleep, relaxation, and study. Set the scene for relaxation and wake up to your own sunrise. The Harmony Lamp and companion app lets your control your wakeup and workout routines within seconds.


Comfi Mi's new sunrise alarm and bedside lamp provides customers with a gentle wakeup and bedtime routine. The lamp also features a full spectrum of colour choices and audio capability. Our job was to create a companion app that would allow users full control of their bedtime routines and room environment through their Harmony Lamp. The mobile phone app would need to guide users through pairing their device, setting up alarms, and creating lighting scenes.


Working from a general prototype spec the biggest challenge was focussing the wide range of potential features into a product offering that made sense to customers. The application also had to feel as intuitive as a remote while being flexible enough to allow users to set the mood for daily routines, activities and dinner parties in seconds.


Working from a list of capabilities from the manufacturer we considered our potential audience and competitors, breaking down hardware capabilities into feature categories that would work together in a larger system. User flow would revolve around creating scenes of colour and sound that could be paired with activities, set on timers or triggered by alarms. Once these user journeys were mapped out a design was wireframed. The final layer was to find an interface design that would compliment the feel we wanted to present.


The final version for Harmony is a microcosm of light and colour intended to mimic the lamp's itself while being unobtrusive as a remote. Users can check and modify their sleep and wake cycle at a glance and create complex scene's with a few quick taps. This application is also able to control multiple devices enabling users to turn a room into a full colour landscape.