Grouse Mountain Collateral

The peak of Vancouver hosts tens of thousands of visitors from around the world each year and guests need a guide to all there is to do and see.

A laptop displaying the Grouse Mountain website. Alongside it are a folded Grouse Mountain map and winter activity brochure.


Grouse mountain has a wide range of visitors from all over the world as well as a large year-round crowd of Vancouverites. I was tasked with creating a refreshed winter look for the mountain's 2016 collateral, including site maps, brochures, tickets, billboards, apparel.


Grouse Mountain can mean so much to so many people, for some it's a chance to get out and enjoy the wilderness, others it's a chance to strap on a board and carve fresh pow; with a strong brand with tight guidelines and a host of audiences to appeal to the biggest challenge was to create something that felt new and compelling for everyone, all with limited art assets.


Grouse's biggest advantage is its vista, looking out over all of Vancouver, it brings everyone from the city together and provides a stunning backdrop for first-time guests. Talking with others on the mountain everyone found common ground. Where else can you get off work, grab your skis, and be in an alpine wonderland in an hour? For those who love Grouse the answer was apparent, "only here." Using this tagline as a rally point it was a matter of pulling from our art library, finding shots that struck a balance between nature, action, and the city.


By the time the first snow fell, our message was all over the city, from busses to trains, tv and radio, and the staff on site, flyers in hand, where ready to showcase all of the unique experiences the winter mountain had to offer.