Digital Care Design System

With a laundry list of feature built over a lifetime of releases Digital Care Anti Virus was due for an overhaul in the form of a standardized design system and UI facelift.

A computer screen displaying a clean tabbed green and purple interface for an anti-virus program.


Digital Care Anti Virus's expanding list of features no longer fit into its original format. Find a way to incorporate the current feature tools in a way that makes them easy to navigate and understand, while updating the overall program interface to have a clean modern design.


As the initial product had only a handful of tools all additional features were added as modules, each with their own custom interfaces and agendas. To that end there were only rudimentary assumptive rules for how each tool's page should be laid out. This required the team to look more closely at each tool's purpose and requirements to categorize standard elements that could be used.


Working with the developers we created a list of each tool, it's functions, and interactive elements needed. From there I developed a design system of standardized layouts, buttons, navigation, and alerts for each so that a new user would be able to quickly learn where they were and what they could do during any given task. Once the information architecture was in place I developed an adaptable icon system and colour scheme that would similarly convey each button's use and purpose, used consistently throughout.


The new Digital Care is a breath of fresh air, both for customers and developers. Using the newly created design system it is now much easier to convey an idea, making it ideal for development, prototyping, and tutorialized.