Big Wheel Burger App

Grab your burger on the go. This Big Wheel Burger app concept takes the hassle out of online ordering, letting you get good food, fast.

Big Wheel Burger mobile ordering app


Online ordering has become must or bust for many businesses as pick up and delivery become the norm. For one local Victoria burger spot their off-the-shelf online ordering solution lacked the fully-featured experience that many competitors had, and did not reflect the clean, hip, and contemporary personality of the restaurant itself.


Big Wheel needed a big overhaul for online/app ordering. From a full-fledged menu, to fully-customizable ordering, and a new modern look. The concept had to share the simple but hand-drawn devoted community personality that is iconic of the Big Wheel Burger brand, and convey their full menu offering in a way that was as simple as stepping up to the counter and placing an order in person: A customer should get exactly what they want and know exactly what is in their order when they click purchase.


While creating an app that felt like Big Wheel was straightforward thanks to it's smart, graphic forward, brand design, the big challenge was to create a system for ordering that was quick and customizable. It was important that ordering and customizing each item was quick and clear, and allowed them to make edits at any stage of the process.


To keep things coherently Big Wheel I started by recreating their styles and assets, using their current menu as the template for what categories and options were available. Once determining what the scope of the menu it became my job to research and prototype an order system that would fulfill the needs of being quick and clear. Some trial and research determined an item-centric card layout for ordering and customizing was the most easily understood and allowed me to create accordion lists of toppings and add-ons so that people could view their food on a simple order screen to check and make changes. While this made larger orders a bit cumbersome, and required accordion elements be clearly signaled to users I was confident that this would be the best solution for a first release.


Comparing the new concept with the current offering is a night and day update. This concept application allows anyone to quickly find store information and make a full custom order in a flash, all without having to dig deep into menus or backtrack to ensure their order is just as they like it, be it no pickles, or extra cheese.