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Variable Data

This new Data Series label pays molecular homage to the soft body, delicate haze, and balanced flavours that comes from Category 12's sciencific wizardry.

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Big Wheel Burger App

Grab your burger on the go. This Big Wheel Burger app concept takes the hassle out of online ordering, letting you get good food, fast.

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Mondomono Typeface

A big and bold mono-spaced typeface for display and everyday labels.

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Harmony Lamp

The perfect bedside lamp for sleep, relaxation, and study. Set the scene for relaxation and wake up to your own sunrise. The Harmony Lamp and companion app lets your control your wakeup and workout routines within seconds.

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Find the right flowers for your floral displays, paint your garden with petals of all colours. Hü matches every bloom with the Pantone color library. Search for blossoms by color, season, and conditions to plan an arrangement for any occasion.

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Digital Care Design System

With a laundry list of feature built over a lifetime of releases Digital Care Anti Virus was due for an overhaul in the form of a standardized design system and UI facelift.

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Île Sauvage Logomark

A wildly bold logomark for a brewing brand aiming to settle untamed territory in Victoria's sour beer scene.

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4 Mile Brewing Experimental Series

The historic roadhouse and brewpub pushes for a radical remixed look for its latest experimental flavours, promising a stimulating experience for your eye as well as your tastebuds.

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Grouse Mountain Collateral

The peak of Vancouver hosts tens of thousands of visitors from around the world each year and guests need a guide to all there is to do and see.

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